Client Testimonials

"I had the good fortune to be introduced to Melanie about three years ago. She has transformed my life in ways I didn’t know were possible!"
–Ann Marie A.

"I have lived all over the world and have been to many different types of body, mind, and spirit healers. Melanie is the best. If you are looking for help with inner healing, look no further because she has the energy and power that is required."
–Dustin D.

Melanie helped me find a solution to complement what I’m already doing with my therapist for my depression and anxiety. We did breathwork, tapping and journaling via Zoom - which was amazing! We also did Reiki, which I honestly thought I’d ever be open to trying. Melanie's detailed level of understanding, her empathetic nature, her energy, and her beautiful spirit drew me to welcoming it into my self-care regimen."
–Joe B.

"Mel is a life transformer. We connected at a pivotal point in my life where she not only helped me in becoming more agile and flexible through yoga, but she helped me spiritually & emotionally. I've never left a session feeling less than satisfied. I leave feeling cleansed, happy, at peace – as if I can conquer the world."
Classye J.

"I love my sessions with Melanie, as she is so gentle, compassionate and empathetic. She helped me with overcoming my severe anxiety and depression through our work together (reiki, meditation & breathwork). Melanie helped me find my voice and get in touch with my true self. I highly value the time that I have spent with her."
–Allison B.

"I have had multiple sessions with Melanie and I can confidently say she has improved my life in ways I couldn’t imagine. Our sessions allow me to fully be immersed and I never want it to end. It is truly an experience every time. She has taught me to love my inner self and most importantly, nurture my inner child. I struggle greatly with depression and anxiety and having check-ins with Mel has been a game changer. She truly cares so much about her work and about her clients. She always makes sure to ask how I am really feeling and provides love and patience with every word she says. I have never been more connected to the universe, my higher self, and to my personal spirituality."
–Leigh J.

"Melanie’s ability to channel energy and help others tap into their inner selves is unrivaled. Virtual Reiki has been a game changer. I was skeptical about how Reiki would work virtually, but it does. You can feel as much shift, if not more, in your body because of the power of communication between you and Melanie. She provides a safe and inspirational space, and always has extremely valuable insights to share at the end of each session. Sometimes Melanie will feel called to channel messages in a language that was new to me, one centered on light codes. This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced. If you’re looking for deep guidance of your higher self, abundant wisdom about chakras and emotions, or to clear old or stuck energy, you’ve found all of this and much more in Melanie. I recommend any and all of the modalities of her work."
–Rebecca P.

In the summer of 2021 I had managed to let myself fall into a very dark place. I was dealing with major depression and anxiety issues stemming from a brain injury. I was constantly on edge. Living in a state of paranoia. And making unhealthy decisions in life. There were many times I thought suicide or disappearing would be the answer for me. I had pushed my wife and family away. I had been begging for help and then resentful of anyone trying to help. It wasn’t long before people stopped asking if they could help. I know now they wanted to but feared my reactions if they offered. I realized what I had been doing to all of the loved ones around me, but felt I was too late to make a change. My wife and family made me one last offer for help. My options were simple. Accept the help or find myself without my wife and two boys. As harsh as it seemed, it was exactly what needed to happen. I was put on flight to Southern California, headed to an inpatient mental health facility. As soon as I arrived, I panicked. I was terrified. A lot of unknown lie ahead of me. The facility I had gone to will remain unnamed, that is a whole story by itself. The facility provided both common practices for mental health along with holistic options. So after a day or two of feeling lost and hopeless, I received my schedule for the day. Confused at my 10am session, I asked myself “what the heck is Reiki??” That’s when my life changed. Melanie explained to me what energy healing was. From the moment I started working with her I knew something was different. I found myself taking away so much more from her sessions than any other offered at the facility. I never in a million years would have thought meditation was for me. The truth is I never knew I was able to be so relaxed. Each session we would set our intentions, goals for our time together. I left each interaction feeling relieved on many levels. Less anxious. I found myself carrying less guilt on my mind. I was a happier person. Able to deal with stressful situations I would have ran from before. I began to regain my self confidence. Learning how to “connect with one’s higher self” has been a life saving tool. Of all the different types of treatments I have tried in the past 20 years, my experience and learning from Melanie have made more of a positive change in my life than any pharmaceuticals or “doctors” have ever made. Today, over a year later, I am closer to my wife and two boys than ever. The household atmosphere is chaotic, but healthy and happy. No longer do I find myself hiding in isolation from my wife and kids, worried about things I have no control over or things that might happen. For the first time in a long time, I am feeling “normal” again. I have Melanie to thank for this. She saved my life! It scares me to think of where I might have ended up had I not crossed her path. I will never be able to thank her enough!

I have been truly blessed! Thank you!

–RJ B.