Air ~ Breathwork
Awakening the air element of the body by breathing consciously. Claim back your personal power, one breath at a time.

The breath is our prana, lifeforce, chi, energy flow activator. Our breath is directly linked to our emotions, a circuit board for our nervous system. When we learn to consciously breathe, we unlock the code to access our entire nervous system. The nervous system holds on to every memory of grief, trauma, pain, heartbreak, fear, etc. The nervous system also governs most of our other bodily systems, like the endocrine system, cardiovascular system, muscular system and more. Therefore, when we have conscious breathwork practices we learn to communicate to our body, mind and emotions in a harmonious way, instilling our innate state of homeostasis and balance.

The mind body soul connection is derived from the breath. Therefore if you want to form a “conscious” connection between the three just start listening to and feeling into your breath and patterns of your breath. When you feel anxious, stressed or fearful, how does your breath feel? My breathwork practices typically assist with releasing stress, pain, anxiousness, and tension – ultimately, bringing balance back to your body, mind and soul. 


WATER ~ Movement
Flowing with the water element of your soul by moving your body in a nourishing way.

Join me for my virtual and/or in-person “breath-to-flow” events (classes/workshops) that assist in anchoring you back into your body through movement and breath. For years, I used to force myself to do certain Yang workouts (rigid exercise plans), because I felt like I needed it to stay fit. It wasn't until my physical body was riddled with years of intense pain that I had to transition to Yin (restorative & nourishing) movements. This completely restructured the way I viewed and even referred to exercise. I began observing, asking and listening to my body and what she needed in that particular moment, whether it was gentle yoga, strength training, walking in nature, and so on. When we learn to flow in a way that is nourishing and healing for the body, we become more aligned with our inner compass, the soul within.


FIRE ~ EFT Tapping, Light Activation, Reiki
Alchemizing what no longer serves you, through the fire element of your mind, body and soul.

EFT tapping focuses on specific meridian points to help balance the energy pathways of our body. Tapping invites us into a parasympathetic state and allows many of our important systems (endocrine, immune, reproductive, digestive) to balance out and function as they were meant to. Research shows that when we tap we are actually sending a “calming response” to our amygdala, the part of our brain that creates our stress response. Therefore, when tapping, we are retraining the brain to create new neuro-pathways (i.e. neuroplacticity). 

Light Language is a sound frequency, energy transmitted audibly, and an expression of the soul. One sound in light language is worth a million words. Light Language can be digested through all of the senses and is used to awaken consciousness. These activations unlock ancient wisdom that is held within your DNA.

Reiki is a Japanese healing art of balancing energy within to promote deep relaxation and reflection. It is part of the holistic healing model, which explains that the body, mind and spirit must find equilibrium for self-healing to take place. Just as we have medical doctors to help with our “physical bodies”, psychologists to help us understand our “minds/thought processes”, Reiki is a modality we can use to help us navigate the “spirit” part of us. It is a beautiful practice to get in touch with our divine Higher Self and connect with the part of us that we oftentimes forget or deem unworthy.


EARTH ~ Meditation
Connecting to the Earth element within, by grounding back into your body and awakening your heart space, the voice of your soul.

Meditation is a practice that can be incorporated into everyday life. Meditation can be sitting in silence by yourself, or it can be walking in a garden and mindfully experiencing the nature around you. Meditation can be a way to guide one back to their inner compass, or Higher Self. Just as there are many different forms of breathwork and movement, there are many different forms of meditation.

My meditations are a culmination of the past 8 years of trainings, working with clients, personal experience and channeling the higher realms. When I hold 1-on-1 sessions, I ask Spirit to guide me to the meditation that is of the highest good for my client.  My guided meditations could offer anything from deep relaxation and grounding, to inner child healing, chakra balancing, or forming a connection with or gratitude for SELF.