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Chakra Series | Muladhara (Root) Chakra

The Chakra system is one of the 9 energy systems of the body. Often-times, the chakras are referred to as our personal rainbow bridge, which connects our human bodies from the core of Mother Earth up to the Cosmic Heavens. In Sanskrit, the word "chakra" refers to a wheel or vortex...think "spinning energy." The chakras are these spinning wheels of energy centers within the body. The human body has 7 concentrated centers where these swirling balls of energy reside, ranging from the base of the spine (by the tailbone) up to the crown/top of the head. Each chakra works with distinct organs throughout the body. Simply put, the chakras "bathe" the organs in their energies. Your chakras also correlate to specific facets of your personality and correspond to the 7 universal foundations that work with survival (root), creativity (sacral), identity (solar plexus), love (heart), expression (throat), comprehension (third eye) or transcendence (crown). It is believed that every emotionally momentous experience you've encountered is coded, imprinted and recorded in your chakra energy centers. An energy healing practitioner (such as myself) can help assist the balancing and harmonizing of the chakras. For example, as I place my hands over a chakra center it may resonate with a particular pain related to an organ, emotional discord, or even tune into a stored childhood memory that might be addressed as part of the healing process.

: Earth

Sound/Mantra: LAM

Body Parts that it’s associated with: Legs, knees, feet, pelvis, skeletal system, large intestine, muscular intestine

Color: Red 

Location: Base of the spine, coccyx or tailbone

The Root chakra, is one of your lower chakras and connects you to this earthly plane. It governs your human needs and your physical body. Topics such as money, generational health, inner child wounds and your ability to feel safe, stable and secure in this world relate to the root chakra. Simply put, your “root” chakra is your energetic root to our Earth. Being able to trust in the world is closely related to the root chakra function. A lot of mistrust and disturbance within the root chakra often-times starts in childhood. Did you feel safe and secure as a child? If you answered NO to this, you may want to spend some extra time connecting to your root chakra. Inner child work, working to transmute a “money scarcity mindset” and/or grounding in Mother Earth could be beneficial for opening/balancing the Muladhara.

When your Root Chakra is balanced and open you could experience the following:

  •  Calmness
  •  Grounded
  •  Centered
  •  Feeling SAFE
  •  Full embodiment of SELF

With a blocked root chakra, one could experience the following:

  •  Financial challenges
  •  Disconnected to SELF
  •  Easily distracted
  •  Feeling Stuck
  •  Fearful
  •  Anxious
  •  Underweight
  •  Pelvic Pain
  •  Constipation
  •  Disorganized

With an overactive root chakra, one could experience the following:

  •  Sluggish, fatigue
  •  Greed
  •  Hoarding
  •  Fear of change
  •  Overeating/Obesity
  •  Lack of flow 
  •  Rigidity
  •  Overly rigid boundaries 

Tools to open, balance and heal the Root Chakra:


Affirmations for a balanced Root Chakra “Svadhishthana”

  •  My body is healthy and whole
  •  I am safe in my body
  •  I am abundant
  •  I am grounded to the core of Mother Earth
  •  I trust in the flow of life
  •  All is well in my life
  •  I belong
  •  I feel protected in the world
  •  I am fearless
  •  I feel at home in my body
  •  I am exactly where I need to be
  •  My inner child is held, safe and cared for
  •  I have access to all the resources I need.
  •  I am thriving in my life
  •  I am strongly rooted and grounded.
  •  My body always takes care of me.
  •  I am one with my Higher Self
  •  Every cell of my body is healed, whole and supports me
  •  I am wealthy
  •  I am nourished.

Foods to support the Root Chakra:
I always recommend to do this intuitively, place your hand on your chest, take a deep breath in, hold, and slowly exhale. Then ask, “Root Chakra, what would nourish you today?” Receive any messages and intuitive thoughts that come through with love and gratitude.

Ayurveda (the sister science to yoga, an eastern medicine discipline that Chinese Medicine was birthed from) prescribes the following for a nourished Root Chakra : “Root vegetables”

  •  Beets
  •  Turnips
  •  Sweet potato
  •  Carrots
  •  Tumeric
  •  Parsnips
  •  Onions
  •  Red apples
  •  Tomatoes
  •  Pomegranates
  •  Strawberries
  •  Raspberries

Crystals to support the Muladhara chakra: Garnet, red jasper 

Yoga Poses to benefit the Root Chakra: 

  •  Malasana: Yogi squat
  •  Uttanasana: Standing forward fold.
  •  Anjaneyasana: Low lunge
  •  Sukhasana: Easy pose
  •  Balasana: Child’s pose
  •  Tadasana: Mountain pose

So you see, the chakra system goes much deeper than just a pretty rainbow colored image. In this chakra blog series, I relay bits of information to give you a "flavor" of each chakra, along with a few ways to work with and harmonize your chakras. If you feel called to delve deeper into harmonizing your chakras, feel free to schedule a discovery call with me