Hello hello! I’m Melanie, a healing arts practitioner who loves teaching others how to connect to their intuitive selves by way of breath, meditation, movement, and energetic transformation.

I always seem to hesitate when sitting down to write something like a bio, because I really don’t believe anyone can sum up who they are in a single paragraph. I believe we are multidimensional beings – souls living in magical vessels we call the “human body”, learning, growing, and transforming every day. Nonetheless, here is a bite size for you to get to know me a little better...

My professional journey started about 8 years ago, as a personal trainer and vinyasa yoga instructor. As a competitive athlete growing up, physical health and strength had always been a huge part of my life. It wasn’t until I personally underwent major challenges like grief, anxiety/depression, trauma, abusive relationships, and a 7-year-long chronic illness that I truly began to seek a deeper connection with my SELF. This served as the catalyst to continue my education into the healing arts, becoming certified in three different yoga trainings, two breathwork programs, a master reiki certification program, EFT tapping workshops, reading and self-educating, along with my own personal and deep, inner healing work. 

Every program, workshop, training, and certification I have completed was initially for myself. To help me traverse personal hardships. 

I only teach and offer services I that I have practiced myself. In fact, most of the breathwork, meditations, movement and energetic practices I offer are ones that I personally incorporate into my daily life. My work, my business, is an extension of myself, therefore I teach and lead by example. I very much value the integrity for my work and pour my heart and soul into it. It is a gift from my heart to yours! And although I am a firm believer in “life experience” being our greatest teacher, I did go to college, graduated from SSU with a BA in Spanish (once upon a time I was quite fluent). I lived and studied in Granada, Spain for a year…one of my biggest life lessons. My dream is to one-day live part time in the Andalucían region, immersed in its rich Spanish/Arabic-influenced culture. 

A mystic at heart, I have always loved magic and as a child secretly believed I was a magical being. And the truth is…I am Magic, you are Magic, this planet is Magic. I love to be immersed in nature. The ocean in particular has always felt incredibly healing to me. I carry with me a fascination with the cosmos, stars, moon, planets and am currently enrolled in Astrology Mystery School. When I dance, I come alive, I feel, I heal. Free-flowing movement nourishes my mind, body and soul. I love to eat yummy, high vibrational foods. I love watching and playing sports. I’m easily amused and love to laugh, it feeds my soul. My creative, passionate and artistic heart shines brightest when I'm connected to my playful inner child.

Over the years I’ve learned to never dim my light, nor silence my voice for the comfort of another. I live a soul-based life, allow my voice to be heard, and I shine my light for the heavens to see.


XOXO Melanie

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