Awaken Your Inner Compass.

Intentional practices to assist you in maintaining the physical, emotional & soul alignment that you deserve.
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Realign your nervous system and clear energetic blockages through conscious breathing

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Nourish your body, mind, and soul with intuitively-led yoga, strength & mobility practices

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Transform what no longer serves you through EFT tapping, light language & reiki

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Ground back into your body to awaken your heart space and connect with your higher self

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Inner Compass Activation

Rest, restore, receive and activate during a 1-on-1 session specifically tailored to activate your inner compass – your Intuitive Self, your Higher Self. You have the option of a 60 or 90 minute session and may select one or combine several of the following activation tools: Breathwork, Guided Meditation, Reiki, Light Language, and EFT tapping.

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Over the years, I have had many clients reach out to me, wanting to gift a session or sessions to their loved ones (which brings so much gratitude and love to my heart). I have recently made this process much more user-friendly and easily accessible to all, should you want to share such a beautiful gift with another. Click the link below to choose the type of session you’d like to gift.

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What People Are Saying...

"In the summer of 2021 I was dealing with major depression and anxiety issues stemming from a brain injury. I had managed to let myself fall into a very dark place. From the moment I started working with Melanie I knew something was different. I left each interaction feeling relieved on many levels. Less anxious. I found myself carrying less guilt on my mind. I was a happier person. Able to deal with stressful situations I would have ran from before. I began to regain my self confidence. Learning how to “connect with one’s higher self” has been a life-saving tool." –RJ B.

"I have never been more connected to the universe, my higher self, and to my personal spirituality."
–Leigh J.

"Through the years I have taken yoga classes, breathwork, and distance reiki sessions with Melanie & I always leave with a sense of inner peace. 
–Randi L.

"Melanie helped me find my voice and get in touch with my true self."
–Allison B.

“Mel has taught me so much. After our first session, I remember being in tears from unlocking a new level of self awareness. Her practice has been so healing for me especially in the face of the pandemic. I now meditate multiple times a day and apply the techniques I’ve learned from her. Her practice has truly changed my life.”
–Everett D.

"If you’re looking for deep guidance of your higher self, abundant wisdom about chakras and emotions, or to clear old/stuck energy, you’ve found all of this and much more in Melanie."
–Rebecca P.

"I deal with depression and have been going through a difficult time in my life with becoming a new dad and also caring for my mother who has terminal cancer. Melanie has been amazing at showing me breathwork & other techniques to manage my emotions."

"With Melanie's help I re-experienced my own birth, releasing so much sadness and loneliness. We cleared blame and grief from my ancestor's genetic code and my past lives, dissolved many unwanted emotional attachments, and re-integrated the very essence of my Soul-Self."
Jenny Jo Allen

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Hi, I'm Melanie. Yogini, Personal Trainer, Reiki Guide, Breathwork Facilitator, here to guide you through practices that can assist you in awakening your inner compass, so you find alignment within.

 I am a certified  Reiki Master – Usui Lineage △ Yoga Instructor – Vinyasa, Yin & Chinese Meridians  △ NASM Personal Trainer  

I hold additional certifications in △ Yoga Body Breathwork △ Conscious Connective Breathwork △ Yoga of the Heart

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